Your Couples Friends & Neighbors
Season 1, Episode Three
Your Couples Friends & Neighbors
First Aired April 20, 2011
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"The Quicksand Girlfriend"
"Mein Coming Out"

Your Couples Friends & Neighbors is the third episode of Happy Endings. It was written by Josh Bycel and directed by Fred Savage. It is the third episode of the series overall, and premiered on April 20, 2011.


Jane convinces Brad to try and befriend a more sophisticated married couple. Max and Dave try to figure out why their stuff starts to disappear from their apartment, and Alex decides she is ready to start dating again after finding out Dave has been dating.


Eliza Coupe...Jane
Elisha Cuthbert...Alex
Zachary Knighton...Dave
Adam Pally...Max
Damon Wayans Jr....Brad
Casey Wilson...Penny

Guest CastEdit

Michael Mosley...Malcolm
Brett Gelman...Carl
Danielle Schneider...Dianne
Jim Hazelton...Clark

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