You've Got Male
Season 1, Episode Nine
You've Got Mail
First Aired May 11, 2011
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"The Girl with the David Tattoo"
"Bo Fight"

You've Got Male is the ninth episode of Happy Endings. It was written by Leila Strachan and directed by Matt Shakman. It is the ninth episode of the series overall, and premiered on May 11, 2011.


Dave's excited that the high school teacher who had a big influence on his life is in town. But when Penny goes on a date with Alan, she realizes he isn't quite what Dave thinks. Max organizes a protest against the coffee chain that has moved into the shop next to Alex's.


Eliza Coupe...Jane
Elisha Cuthbert...Alex
Zachary Knighton...Dave
Adam Pally...Max
Damon Wayans Jr....Brad
Casey Wilson...Penny

Guest CastEdit

Max Greenfield...Ian
Seth Morris...Scotty
Rob Huebel...Alan
Donn Carl Harper...Hardware Store Owner
David Storrs...Tim