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Season Two of Happy Endings premiered on September 28, 2011. Season Two will consist of 21 episodes.


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Happy-endings-blax-snake-home article story main   "Blax, Snake, Home"
  Aired: September 28, 2011
  Directed by: Anthony Russo & Joe Russo - Written by: David Caspe

  Synopsis: When the gang get together to mark the first anniversary of Alex and Dave’s non-wedding, Alex and Dave decide to let it all out and be honest with each other. Penny buys a new condo and declares that it's "The Year of Penny" -- the year where everything will start going her way. But her optimism is quickly deflated when she finds out her new home has a "spinster curse." Her friends later try to get her out of her depression at her "Roaring 20s" themed house-warming party and Max tries to find out why Brad hasn't been hanging out with him lately.
Happy-endings-baby-steps-abc-550x379   "Baby Steps"
  Aired: October 5, 2011
  Directed by: Jeff Melman - Written by: Josh Bycel

  Synopsis: Alex and Penny become friends with a group of snobby teenage girls. She regrets the decision when Alex's shop becomes their new hangout. Jane searches for the now 11-year-old girl she thinks is the result of the egg she donated and Max starts working at Dave's food truck.
Casey-wilson-megan-mullally-yesandwitch-happy-endings   "Yesandwitch"
  Aired: October 12, 2011
  Directed by: Fred Savage - Written by: Josh Bycel

  Synopsis: Penny's mom Dana (Megan Mullally) comes to town for a gig singing at a boat show. However, Penny learns that her mom's inspiring upbeat attitude is hiding some bad news, which leads Penny to confront her mom. Jane and Brad take a couples improv class. Max plays tour guide to some tourists in his new limo with the help of Brad and Jane. Dave finds out that he is 1/16th Navajo, and Alex is obsessed with a new exercise gadget called the "necksercizer".
HAPPY-ENDINGS-Secrets-and-Limos-Season-2-Episode-4-13   "Secrets and Limos"
  Aired: October 19, 2011
  Directed by: Jeff Melman - Written by: Gail Lerner

  Synopsis: Jane convinces Penny to make a vision boards to visualize the path to her dreams. Brad has a hard time impressing his humorless car-loving boss (Larry Wilmore), until he flips for Max's limo; Dave keeps his new girlfriend (Noureen DeWulf) a secret from his friends, but Alex finds out soon enough.
Happy-endings-halloween-480x261   "Spooky Endings"
  Aired: October 26, 2011
  Directed by: Tristram Shapeero - Written by: Daniel Libman & Matthew Libman

  Synopsis: Penny, Max, Dave and Alex head to a Halloween warehouse party but flop with their costumes. Meanwhile, Jane and Brad spend their Halloween housesitting for some friends in the suburbs.
HAPPY-ENDINGS-Lying-Around-Season-2-Episode-6-6-550x366-300x199   "Lying Around"
  Aired: November 2, 2011
  Directed by: Troy Miller - Written by: Rob Kerkovich & Todd Waldman

  Synopsis: When Brad discovers that Jane's old sorority sister is coming for a visit, he lies and goes on a vacation at a fancy hotel. Penny becomes jealous when Alex dates her former boyfriend Liam (Josh Casaubon), while Alex thinks his dates are a bit over-the-top; and Max and Dave make a commercial to promote the "Steak Me Home Tonight" food truck.
Happy-endigns-125   "The Code War"
  Aired: November 16, 2011
  Directed by: Troy Miller - Written by: Rob Kerkovich & Todd Waldman

  Synopsis: When Max's high school girlfriend Angie (Riki Lindhome), moves back to town, Penny becomes jealous. When she tries to befriend her, Alex develops an unusual crush on Max. Meanwhile, Dave starts dating Angie, so Max declares a "code war." When Jane finds out Brad has a "work wife," she sets her sights on Steven (Hayes MacArthur), the head of human resources at her work, with the intent of making him her "work husband".
Of Mice & Jazz-Kwon-Do   "Full Court Dress"
  Aired: November 23, 2011
  Directed by: Troy Miller - Written by: Rob Kerkovich & Todd Waldman

  Synopsis: Jane feels a little leery when Alex attempts to design a dress for a charity event for her; Penny helps Max babysit for his niece and nephew; and Dave and Brad don't quite get the friendship they were hoping for out of their weird mailman, Drew (Rob Riggle).