Mein Coming Out
Season 1, Episode Four
Mein Coming Out
First Aired April 20, 2011
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"Like Father, Like Gun"

Mein Coming Out is the fourth episode of Happy Endings. It was written by Gail Lerner and directed by Jeff Melman. It is the fourth episode of the series overall, and premiered on April 20, 2011.


Max's parents (Alan Rachins and Caroline Aaron) come to visit and the gang tries to convince him to finally come out to them although he is afraid of how they would react. Penny meets the man of her dreams on a blind date, who she later finds out happens to have a rather infamous last name.


Eliza Coupe...Jane
Elisha Cuthbert...Alex
Zachary Knighton...Dave
Adam Pally...Max
Damon Wayans Jr....Brad
Casey Wilson...Penny

Guest CastEdit

Caroline Aaron...Pauline Blum
Greg Cromer...Doug Hitler
Alan Rachins...Howard Blum
Nathan Barnatt...Roger
Jonathan Emerson...Preston
Matthew Rocheleau...Waiter

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