Max Blum
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Family & Friends
Friends: Dave Rose
Penny Hartz
Jane Williams
Brad Williams
Alex Kerkovich
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Adam Pally

Max is a fictional character played by Adam Pally, from the ABC comedy, Happy Endings.

Character Overview Edit

Max is always trying to figure it out, taking one day at a time. If there is too much planning for his future involved, it's not being done by Max. Max shares his downtown loft with Dave. You know that friend who is always down for a bet no matter how big or how small it is? The friend that can make a sandwich out of anything? The friend you can always rely on to watch a game or have a beer with? That is Max's ideal man. Max is gay, and comes out to his parents in the first season. He is also lazy, immature, an overeater, and has no intention of commiting to a relationship. Max does not conform to typical gay stereotypes, being more into masculine things like sports, guns, and video games. Penny once described him as "a straight guy who likes dudes."

It revealed very early on that Max has a problem when people make fun of his weight or call him chubby. In the Pilot episode when Dave called him chubby he worried about it the entire episode. He also occasionally beats himself up for it in the "Quicksand Girlfriend" Penny seemingly mocks Derrick by asking how many eggwhite fritatas can a person eat and Max says to himself "six in one sitting" also in the Season 2 episode Secrets and Limos it's revealed that he still isn't okay with his weight when Dave's new girlfriend as he puts it "jellies his belly"

Season OneEdit

In the pilot episode Max hints to Penny that her date, Todd, is gay.

In the second episode Max introduces Penny to Derek, a gay man who he once played with on a gay soft ball team.

In the third episode Max and Dave try to figure out why their stuff starts to disappear from their apartment.

In the fourth episode, Max's parents (Alan Rachins and Caroline Aaron) come to visit and the gang tries to convince him to finally come out to them although he is afraid of how they would react.

Max's Happy Ending Edit

You know how at the end of The Little Mermaid when Ariel gets people legs and her Dad is like "Go live with that handsome Prince guy, it's cool." That. I just want a handsome prince guy. Preferably named "Eric", but will also accept "Matt."


Dave kissing Max, so Max's parents will stop trying to set him up with their friend's sons.

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